Who are the Biggest Roulette Winners of All Time?

It isn’t a secret that the house has an advantage when playing Roulette, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t and won’t win big when you play. Most of us play Roulette because we want to win money and it is very much a realistic dream that you can come out on top. There are many people who’ve defeated the odds, per say, coming out with large jackpots and pocketfuls of money. Who are the biggest winners in Roulette history? Here are some of the names that stand out in a crowd of casino enthusiasts.

Charles Wells won 2 million francs way back in 1891. Wells did not have a strategy in place, but won his fortune by sheer luck. His win occurred in Monte Carlo. One year after this big win, Wells returned for a second visit and won another cool mil. Sadly, his luck ran short after this visit.

Ashley Revell took home a $135,550 jackpot after he wagered life savings on the Red ball on the Roulette table. He sold everything that he owned to acquire this cash. This happened in 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada, after he took only one spin of the wheel. There was a mini-series made of Revell’s adventures. She started her own online Poker site after that winning.

Chris Boyd wagered $220,000 on red and won! The then 40-year old computer programmer saved this figure over the period of three years. He then took the cash to Las Vegas, finding a casino that allowed him to bet it all. He won the bet! There is little information known about Boyd at this time. It is assumed that he went back to his normal computer programming life after the win.

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